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Leading Across Generations

There are four generations in the workplace: Seniors, Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Each generation has different values, goals, and work styles that make team work and optimum organization performance more challenging than ever. Learn how to bridge the generation gap and develop systems to appeal to each generation: recruitment, retention, performance management and training.
Building Collaborative Teams
  • Are you prepared to work with Millennials who seek collaboration and flexibility?
  • Are you ready for them to challenge existing policies and practices?
  • How can you make jobs meaningful enough to retain Millennials?
  • What generation do you belong to?
  • Can you lead those who are from other generations effectively?
  • Does your human resource department understand how to develop systems and policies to attract and retain a multi- generational workforce?
Artemis Management Consultants can help you bridge the generation gap so the strengths each group brings to the workplace can be leveraged.
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