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Team Building

Building Collaborative Teams

Innovation occurs most often through collaboration.  Organizations increase their creativity and profitability by building cohesive and collaborative teams.

Our philosophy is to build teams through focusing them on how to improve their work processes. By engaging in experiential exercises and developing collaborative strategic visions, teams build trust and respect for one another.


Business today utilizes teams in a variety of ways: virtual teams, global teams, cross-functional teams, temporary teams, project teams, and self-managed teams. Your business depends on the optimal functioning of teams.

Artemis will customize a team building process for your organization, your division or your workgroup.

Learn about our web-based tool Virtual@Work that teaches virtual teams and managers how to work together more effectively. (click here for information on our virtual team products.)

We help teams and managers redesign their work processes and work structures to support the needs of the business, the customer and the employee. (click here to find out about our ReInventing Work process)
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