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Client's Testimonials

"Merging and integrating two companies of equal size was a difficult task. To help bring our managers closer together and develop management skills to support our growth, we decided to implement a management training program. We extensively interviewed multiple consultants. We chose Artemis and Barb due to her customized approach to developing a program for our team. After working with Barb the last few years, we no longer consider her a consultant, but a part of our organization. Her passion and approach to our business has yielded results that we truly believe would not have been accomplished with someone else. "

Executive Vice President, Chemical Company

"The 5 Dynamics assessment that Barb shared with us, has revolutionized the way our team works together. As a small firm in start-up mode, we collaborate frequently, often on new and high profile projects. 5 Dynamics has helped to stimulate honest conversations among our team about our work styles and needs, and given us a powerful language with which to discuss our work together. We've approached several clients about using 5 Dynamics, as well, as we feel that it could help to further strengthen our relationships with them, as well. "

Executive Director, Evaluation Research Organization

"I have been working with Barb on a series of leadership workshops for the last 4 months. When I think of Barb, the word ‘uplifter’ comes to mind. She is smart, flexible, articulate and generous. Her ability to observe and offer distinctions provides new insights to others. What has impressed me is Barb’s thoroughness in preparation, depth of understanding, and curiosity to learn more. In each instance of her facilitation there have been both large and small successes and the groups have walked away with powerful new insights. I feel very fortunate to work with her. "

Director, IT, Healthcare

"Great presentation. This is the most comprehensive presentation I’ve attended on managing the multi-generation workforce. Lots of great information in a short period of time -- clear, concise, substantive information."

Manager, Public Sector Organization

"Barbara is a skillful facilitator. Working with the 5 Dynamics, she was able to help our group step away from some pre-conceived notions about who or what was “the problem” and see the organizational strength that lay in having a diversity of styles and strengths working together as a team. She created a safe and engaging climate throughout our day long session. The “proof is in the pudding”… the communication issues we met to address have improved significantly, and so has morale."

Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

"Typically I find that I disagree or am skeptical of materials presented in workshops, however this past week I noticed I was receptive to and in agreement with the content. I am not sure if it was the actual material, or the way it was presented. Either way you get the credit. I do feel I am better after having attended and participated."

Manager, Chemical Company

"You definitely went beyond the facilitator role and truly coached me as well. As I stepped into this new role, your support was invaluable."

Executive Director, UC Press Foundation

"NCHRA Conference Workshop: Managing Across the Generations -
Barbara's presentation was full of great content, fun, well organized, and positive. She was the best presenter of the day! She gave me concrete ideas I can apply immediately."

Manager, Financial Organization

"As a 3D Group Affiliate for several years, Barb Miller has supported our 360-degree feedback clients who need coaching. Barb consistently gets glowing reviews from senior leaders she coaches. I have also worked with Barb on delivering workshops and interactive exercises to help open up group discussions and surface hidden issues that impede team performance. She has a very keen insight into group dynamics and excellent instincts to complement her deep knowledge of change management. She is a fantastic OD professional with a wide range of skills for developing leaders and groups. Lastly, Barb has a great sense of humor and is just plain enjoyable to work with."

Dale Rose, President, 3D Group (Data Driven Decisions)

"While at HSBC, we hired Barb to develop and lead a successful change management program to anchor the implementation of the HSBC@Work (Alternative Work Strategy). Her program created a strong foundation which enabled HSBC to achieve our desired goals. Barb is very focused, positive and brings a wealth of knowledge and best practices. It is my motivation to work again with Barb in future projects."

Keith Brown, Vice President, Finance

"I have worked one-on-one with Barb Miller over a span of 18 months to enhance my executive leadership skills. Barb is a great coach and is very patient in working with you to understand the areas that you would like to work on. Her expert knowledge and specific suggestions were very helpful to improve my leadership skills. She has high integrity and makes you feel comfortable in sharing sensitive information. I would highly recommend her to others looking to sharpen their leadership skills.”"

Rajiv Patel, Vice President, Juniper Networks

"Barbara has all the right attributes of a great coach with active listening skills, good depth and breadth of experience as well as the high integrity to inspire trust. She provides the right balance of theoretical frameworks and the specific ideas one could use to improve effectiveness as a leader. It was a very good learning experience for me. Thanks a lot!"

Vineet Sharma, Director, Juniper Networks

"Barb and I were co-mentors in an executive leadership development program for high potential mid-level managers. Barb provided very useful coaching to the program participants, and was a joy to work with. Her communication skills are outstanding, and I would not hesitate to hire her for any of the services she provides."

Ron Bucher, Director

"Barbara's presentation at the NCHRA conference was extremely professional, articulate and actionable. She provided concrete examples."

Manager, Insurance Company

"I was really impressed by the quality of the speaker and her messages to the very heterogeneous attendance. This resulted in being a double learning. Thanks Barbara."

Manager, Siemens

"The webinar was very informative. I did learn a lot. I hope to be more effective by using these tips & tricks with my colleagues in India. Thanks Barbara."

Manager, Siemens

"I really enjoyed this Webinar..very informative... I especially liked that I could do the class at my desk."

Individual contributor, Siemens

"After 23 years at Hewlett-Packard, ReInventing Work is the first change process I have been able to get my arms around. The concepts are easy to understand, easy to discuss with my teams and have helped us achieve tremendous results for our employees, our customers and our shareholders."

Dave Smith, Area Manager, Field Operations, Hewlett-Packard

"I found 'Reinventing Work: Relinking Life and Livelihood' to be a refreshing, practical look at how to integrate work with the rest of one's life. This approach moves beyond traditional thinking that a company's interests are pursued at the expense of worker well being and vice versa. The dual agenda espoused in this work allows for both the business strategic imperatives and the employees' work-life needs to be met simultaneously."

Ronn Ellis - former Chief Information Officer, Amerada Hess

"All the programs in the world won't change the company culture that says: 'Time worked equals commitment'. Or the one that says: 'The employee who is still there at 7 p.m. is the one who's the most productive and the most valued.'

"This workbook (ReInventing Work: Innovative Strategies Relinking Life and Livelihood to Benefit Business and Staff) is one of the few resources in the nation -- maybe the only one -- that truly reflects the latest learning in how to transform a culture and make work-life efforts truly succeed."

Susan Seitel, President, Work & Family Connection

"This is the only resource that I have found that provides encouragement and support for work groups and their manager to sit down and TALK about what is getting in the way of higher productivity AND better work-life balance for each of them. Practical information on testing assumptions, challenging ways of doing work and looking at new solutions will help you and your work group increase creativity, productivity while everyone can have a life too!"

Janet McChesney, Director of Education, Hewlett-Packard Canada Ltd.

"From her extensive field experience, Barbara Miller has derived an approach to work-life issues which is comprehensive, strategic, educational and results oriented. Any work group that seriously wants to pursue work-life integration activities in their workplace; any business owner or manager who wants to understand the pay-off in linking business goals with the personal life patterns of their employees; and any consultant who would appreciate a 'partner' in assisting clients explore the work-life arena will find a major resource in Miller's workbook 'ReInventing Work: Innovative Strategies Relinking Life and Livelihood to Benefit Business and Staff.' "

Howard & Sue Lamb, Partners Lamb & Lamb, Organizational Consultants

"Barbara's knowledge of virtual work and expertise in change management shines through everything she creates. "

Learning and Development Specialist, Global Financial Institution

"Thank you for the Managing Change workshop. The session was so informative and as a speaker, you are a dream. We've received such positive feedback from those managers who attended. Thanks again for sharing your expertise. "

Vice President, Medical Center/Hospital

"Thanks for your leadership. You bring a refreshing view that will be essential for change. "

Stanford University faculty

"I believe your approach with the group helped them to benefit from the 360 results as individuals and as a team. You brought a no-nonsense approach, backed by years of experience and up to date data. I think that all contributed to our success so far."

Director, Federal Agency, Washington, D.C.

"Thanks for your time. It has been a very useful engagement for me."

International Engineering Manager

"First, I appreciate your time and your ability to bring a broader perspective to the results of the 360 feedback. It was and will be useful in charting a course. Thank you also for your words of encouragement.

Finance Director

"Thank you for taking the time to review the 360 feedback with my direct report. It is evident that you took tremendous care in your preparation and comments to him. He needed a jolt and it’s clear to me that he has gotten it and is now ready to embark upon a journey of change. Again, thank you for your time, care, and expertise."

Boss of a coachee – High Tech Director

"Thanks for your help Barb. I believe your approach with the group helped them to benefit from the 360 results as individuals and as a team. You brought a no-nonsense approach, backed by years of experience and up to date data. I think that all contributed to our success so far."

Director, Federal Agency

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