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Work Redesign
Many organizations have not changed their work processes even though their business model has changed or their use of technology has changed or the needs of their customer has changed.

By reviewing work processes and work structures, organizations can leverage improvements in productivity, quality and customer and employee satisfaction.

Our system is different from the traditional re-engineering processes. We involve your employees. They know what is broken and they have ideas of how to fix it. We facilitate a redesign team which makes recommendations to executives or managers on how to improve productivity and customer and employee satisfaction. 

The outcome:

  • Increased employee commitment
  • More creative and realistic recommendations
  • Increased commitment for execution and follow-through

Artemis’ process creates employee and managerial investment in the change process thus increasing the likelihood that the change will achieve the goals it was intended to achieve.

Case Example:

Software support engineers were working excessive hours and burning out. Morale and customer satisfaction were low. Valued employees were threatening to quit.

Working with the manager and the team, they came to understand that:

  • customer needs had changed over time - many computer systems needed to be worked on after 5 or on the weekends. Thus, software support engineers were working traditional hours and putting in excessive over time to install software or troubleshoot computer systems in the evening and on weekends.
  • the complexity of software and platforms has increased in the last five years. Individual software support engineers could not possibly know how to troubleshoot each piece of software or equipment their customers had.


  • team members self-selected themselves into agreed upon shifts to reduce the excessive over time.
  • knowledge engineer position was created. This person proactively organized information so that software engineers could access it more readily. This reduced their research time and allowed them to service customers more effectively. The knowledge engineer also did a skills inventory  so that the software engineers were aware of the skills of their colleagues. This allowed them to call for help rapidly when they were stuck.


  • There was no turnover
  • Staff began working a more reasonable schedule. Burnout and stress evaporated. Morale increased. Productivity increased.
  • Customer satisfaction increased; they benefited from increased knowledge sharing and availability.

  • Budgets were no longer overspent because over time was reduced by 65%.

  • ‘Families” were delighted because they had more time to spend with their loved ones whose schedules were now more predictable.
  • Employees no longer have to suffer in silence – it is OK to talk about work-life challenges.
  • Employees have felt empowered, respected and engaged.

Over time, business models change, customer expectations change, the nature of the work changes and yet we do not take the time to review the work processes and work structures. Artemis’ ReInventing Work process will help you to increase your three bottom lines: shareholder value, customer and employee satisfaction.

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